Doing something for keeping a long term dating relationship

If you are a plus size size woman, I believe that you are very clear about the difficulty of seeking for a life partner in the real life. And nowadays, online dating plays an important role in doing that. Well, even though you have already found your true love on the BBW dating site, it is not the ending for your love journey I believe. And the following thing is to keep your hookup dating relationship much longer. Am I right? 

According to this problem, I have collected some ideas of it. And here are them as follows, let’s have a look together. To begin with, do the normal things in the daily life and please do not communicate too much with your man. As we all know, at the beginning of the curvy dating, most plus size women would like to stay with their men all the time, chatting or doing activities together. But on the other hand, the longer you stay with your man together, the more conflicts you two may have sometimes. So, I suggest that you’d better leave some personal space and time to your man, which may promote your dating relationship in a way. Secondly, you have to avoid some embarrassing or bad situations on the basis of your regular life. For example, drinking a lot with your friends in the deep night and go back home very late, which is really a bad situation for both of you. On the one hand, drinking is not good for a woman and on the other hand, your man is worried about you if you go back home very late. So, your man may be mad at you, and your dating relationship will not be very smooth if this kind of situation always happens in your daily life. Last but not least, you have to put yourself in other’s shoes. Well, as a plus size woman, just like many other women, you may make trouble out of nothing sometimes. It seems like a normal thing among women, but you have to reduce the occurrence of this behavior and try to think about things considerately in order to promote your hookup dating relationship. 

In my personal view, these three points that I have mentioned above do make sense in a way, and I hope you can put them into practice if you have no idea about how to keep a long term dating relationship with your man. By the way, I am waiting for your good news. Wish you good luck!