How to deal with the anxiety of sleeping with someone new?

In America, most men think they should have as many bbw dating partners as possible. For many guys, the number of their curvy dating partners is one of the ways to show their manliness. Even if you think such number game is stupid, you will still think about it I your deed mind. So what would do you when you are about to sleep with someone new?

Many guys think it is a challenge that should be faced one way or another. You want to enjoy sexual life, but the anxiety will crush you down. You are stressed out by your expectations to her and her feelings towards your behavior. You are under tremendous pressure, hoping to do everything perfectly and trying to amaze her from the start. All the pressure and anxiety will affect your sexual performance and enjoyment. If you are struggling from the nervousness of sleeping with a new partner, here are some tips for you.

Normalize your nerve. First, you need to know that everyone is nervous about engaging in tinder hookup relationship with a stranger. Sexual behavior is fragile, even if it is casual. It is absolutely normal and predictable to feel stressful. You are not the only one feeling stressed out. Your hookup dating partner feels the same.

Normalizing your nerve is not a random strategy. You start to feel pressured and then you are anxious about the pressure you are under. You will fall into a negative vicious circle. If you no longer feel anxious about your anxiety, you will be able to break the circle. Just simply admit to yourself “Okay, I am stressed out, but that is okay. There is no need to judge myself for that”.

Deal with your anxiety before entering bedroom. If anxiety is a long-existing issue for you, you should really deal with it outside of your bedroom. It can be helpful to other aspects of your life. Sometimes, the experience inside the bedroom is the signal for us to deal with it outside. Obviously, anxiety is a major issue involving your mental health and other aspects. You can resolve it in many ways, including psychotherapy or sexual therapy, exercising, sleeping, breathe practice, meditation, etc.

Do not rush. Many guys feel unnecessarily anxious because they are in a hurry to engage in intimate contact with a new girl. This greatly owes to social interaction. Men are taught to close a deal as soon as possible. There is really no need to rush yourself. If a girl is interested in you, she won’t change her mind just because you take your time. On the contrary, they might be more impatient than you if you take it slow, because you are like a fresh air among all the rushers.

If you find yourself always anxious about making love with a new mate, it might be a signal to slow it down. You can take some time to know her before diving into bed together. Do not sleep with her until your anxiety is replaced my excitement.