Two Typical Fraud Means

After using a hook up dating app about one year, I have totally dated with 10 girls. Of course, some of them are very nice. But also, I met some scammers. Actually, in my view, I just think this kind of app is a good platform. Online fraud can also be avoided if our users pay enough attention. And I see most hookup apps have a strict verification system so online frauds can be totally resolved. And now, I want to share my experience in a hookup dating app and there are two typical fraud means. 

 The first one is to cheat you after your partner becomes your lover. Generally speaking, this scammer will chat with me about one or two weeks in a row. After becoming a lover, he/she will ask you to meet offline. However, scammers generally don't make an appointment to see a movie.  They will recommend you to go to a bar, KTV or expensive hotel. Because you may have exchanged each other pictures before, you know what he/she looks like. After meeting, you may be glad that the real person is really handsome and good-looking. And then, you will drop your guards and become relaxed. Then, your partner may oder some expensive wine or tea and won’t tell you.  When finally paying the bill, they slip away and leave you alone. I've been through this kind of thing. That girl was really beautiful and young. She asked me to meet at a bar. Then she asked me what to drink, and I said it was the same as hers. We had a good chat, and then she suddenly told me that her friend called her and wanted to come and play together. Of course I didn't mind. She said that her friends arrived and she would go to the door to pick up them. 

After she left, the waiter came to ask me to pay. I TOOK a look at the list. More than $500. I wonder what we drank. Then the waiter explained that the girl ordered the most expensive wine. I paid and waited for half an hour, and she didn't come back. Then I realized that I must have been cheated. I went to ask the waiter if the girl often came to the bar, and the waiter said yes, the girl often brought different boys to drink expensive wine. She had worked in the bar herself.  At that time, I knew she took people to this bar and she ordered expensive wine because she would take the commission. That was a silly experience and I hope other people will not have the same experience like me. 

And the another one is to get your sympathy. This kind of people will tell you that the elderly in the family was ill and could not afford to pay. Or they want to study, but they don't have the money so they have to drop out. And this kind of people are also good-looking. When this happens, pay attention to it and it maybe a trap. 

 Hope more people will raise their safety consciousness and don't be fooled again in such a thing.