How to date a plus size girl?

We always think about what is love, There's no clear answer. But we know love is not beautiful appearance and monetary wealth, it's something like feelings. But in fact, many people only attracted by beautiful appearance, and don't aware of the deep inside of unattractive people, actually, they are always attractive too. Plus size women and men are willing to be with Imperfect person and say yes to their flaws. Mutual tolerance is the beginning of their happy life.

Do you like Big Beautiful Women? And do you want to have a successful hookup with big beautiful women? Have you ever been rejected by big beautiful women? Or don't know what to do during the date. Solutions and secrets of these problems are as follows.

What you should do?

1. Praise her and give her enough confidence by saying "you look pretty good", "you are so beautiful today". Praise and respect others to make a good first impression, it's the foundation of a successful dating.

2. In order to show your sincerity, don't look around when she talking to you, what you shold do is to look at her and listen carefully, no matter you are interested in the topic or not.

3. Be a polite person. Every woman perfer to man with good manners, and easier to be attracted by gentleman. So, you should always pay attention to your manner, and do as a gentleman.

4. Show your respect. Everyone needs to be respected, you shold show your respect first and then she may show the same respect to you.

5. Enjoy the dating. Show that you really like to stay with her, and really enjoy the dating with her. Instead of stay alone, most of the big beautiful women perfer to stay with others.

6. Send her home after dating. Show that you are very care about her and drive her home after dating.

What you should not do?

1. Don't cause uncomfortable fellings. Don't start an inappropriate conversations and make her feel uncomfortable by asking something privacy or embarrassed questions, just have some free topics.

2. Don't show your impatience. Show that you are interested in her, and make her feel that you are really attracted by her.

3. Don't show that you are dissatisfied with her appearance. Beauty standards are different from one person to another, so don't talk too much about one's outlook.

4. Don't be surprised by her food, no matter how many foods she ate, because, it may have a bad influence on your BBW dating atmosphere.

5. Don't forget to tell her what do you think about the dating, you'd better to say that you are really enjoy the moment with her at the end of the dating to show that it is a successful dating.

Way to have a successful dating are various from one person to another, the common point is that you should be a gentleman. The dating advice above can help you become more attractive, and say goodbye to rejection. Now, what you should do is to prepare for a successful dating and have a new life with your life partner.