What To Do or Not When Dating a Big Beautiful Woman

Love is the feelings you have for someone instead of judgmental or the appearance. Since more and more people focus on the outside looks, we often ignore those people who have no good looks but might be really amazing deep inside. As a matter of fact, unattractive people may give you the love that you want the most. They are usually happy to be with. Chubby individuals are belonged to these types of people.
If you are interested in BBW and looking for dating with them but end up with a mess. If you have tired of BBW dating end up to rejection. If you have hated being overlooked by BBW because of not interesting strategy during dates. Then, this article will help you solve the mentioned above issues quickly. The following are some tips on how to date big beautiful women.

What to do
1.Make her feel she is beautiful even though she is chubby
When you are hookup a BBW every single time, make her feel that she is charming and attractive as far as possible. You can praise her like " you're so beautiful tonight", "you look incredible".

2.Be a gentleman
Gentleman is mature and responsible, has personality geniality and special man's magic power. Every woman whether chubby or skinny, beautiful or homely are looking for someone who is gentleman.

3.Respect her
Every woman wants to be respected whenever and wherever. Always show some respect for her. And bear in mind this line, "respect begets respect"

4.Be sure to look to her eyes when talking to her
When you are talking to her, make sure to look to her eyes because it means sincerity and respect. This way will make her feel that you are attracted to her.

5.Drive her home
Remember drive her home after the date, make sure she gets home safely.

6.Enjoy her companionship
During the date, make her feel that you love her companionship. Say something that makes her think you are interesting. BBW are person who are get along with easily in general.

What not to do
1.Don’t make her feel embarrassed
Don't ask some embarrassed question like, "What is your weight". Asking these questions will make her feel embarrassed.

2.Don't criticize the amount of food she is eating
It will make her feel embarrassed when you talked about the amount of food she ate. It will have a bad impact on her appetite.

3.Don’t make her feel you are a tedious person
Start a conversation, make her feel that you are interested with her. Tell some interesting and relaxing stories to her. Do not make her feel you are bored.

4.Don't judge her for her appearance and figure
Don't be judgmental her, particularly the appearance and figure. Women don't like people talking about their looks.

5.Don’t end your date without saying something about your date
Make sure you will tell her how did you feel after the date. It will make her feel that you care about her.

In fact, there are many ways attract BBWs attention. You can find a lot of ways make her fall in love with you.